The Farm at Landworks is amazing place. Not just for the family, but find something to make your yard the best it can be!
— A. Buchanan

landscape services

We are a complete design and build company that will be involved in the entire process.  Giving you the peace of mind in dealing with the same people throughout your entire landscaping project.  We have the ability to rework things in the middle of the installation without much trouble, where as with the old model...

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farm life

The animals are a huge part of farm life!  They are fun, educational, and plain ole’ cute!  We have a little of everything from cows, to chickens, to pigs, and more!  We love our animals and also use them for teaching kids and groups about what all they can do for us!


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garden center

Our Garden Center is packed with all sorts of great things to help make your landscape look the best it can, help make your vegetable garden spectacular and bring a little personality to your everyday life!  We have lots of name brand plants like Knock Out Roses, Everlasting Azaleas and more!  Choose from our huge selection of trees, both fruit and decorative!   

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