Farm Life


The animals are a huge part of farm life!  They are fun, educational, and plain ole’ cute!  We have a little of everything from cows, to chickens, to pigs, and more!  We love our animals and also use them for teaching kids and groups about what all they can do for us!

Fruits and Vegetables

Farm Fresh fruits and veggies are some of the best tasting food you can put in your mouth!  Knowing where that food comes from and how it is treated is even better!  Our fruits and veggies are something we take great pride in and feed to our kids so you know it is going to be safe!


We offer most fruit and veggies in our u-pick gardens too!  Not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing where it comes from, you also get the satisfaction of picking them yourself!  We do usually have some pre-picked in our store for those of you that can’t pick yourself!  Our orchards produce some of the finest fruit in Bourbon County.  Tons of different varieties for your family to pick from and actually pick! 


Fish Ponds

We have two ponds that we have stocked with fish in hopes of offering fishing in the next year or so!

Farm Life Education

We have wood cutouts and information scattered through the entire farm.  We love the farm and want to share it with everyone!  There is nothing more important then sharing our knowledge with someone else!

Play Area

You can’t have a good day on the farm without having somewhere to just run and play!  We have a play area that is perfect for kids to let off some steam!