Garden Center

Our Garden Center is packed with all sorts of great things to help make your landscape look the best it can, help make your vegetable garden spectacular and bring a little personality to your everyday life!  We have lots of name brand plants like Knock Out Roses, Everlasting Azaleas and more!  Choose from our huge selection of trees, both fruit and decorative!   

We bring you the best from Bourbon County and areas close by.  From candles and soaps made just a few miles away to jams and jellies from some of our good friends.  Most of our goods will be up on our site shortly, but until then just stop by to see everything we have!

The Farm at Landworks has several large greenhouses, a stock of more than 3,000 trees, rows of fruit trees and fields of things for you and your family to pick.  We have a wide selection of plants in our greenhouses that make landscaping your home easy.  We also have landscape architects on hand to help with anything you might not want to tackle on your own.  Click here to see more from our landscape architects.

Custom Planters

We can create the perfect planter for you!  We offer custom planters to suit your needs. We design them based on your sun conditions, water availability, and plant requests.   We can  even deliver your custom planters.  

Plant Deliveries

Anything we sell we can deliver!  We have the luxury of having many skilled hands that are used to transporting plants.  Getting whatever you want where-ever you want is as simple as asking!

Plant Rentals

If you have special events or occasions that you would like to rent plants for, we can help!  From weddings to retirement parties, intimate gatherings to festivals, we can handle just about anything you can dream up!

Speaking Engagements

Drew has had the privilege to speak to many groups, clubs, and organizations.  He can speak on many different topics and that can be adapted to what your group is the most interested in. We can accommodate most size groups!  Please call the office at 859.987.1266 to discuss this more.  We would love to share our knowledge with you!


Watch our events calendar for upcoming workshops and seminars.   We do public workshops along with private workshops.  We can also customize a workshop for your group, club, or organization.  These can be on many different topics, so just call our office and we can customize the workshop to your needs.