“Drew and crew, thank you for a wonderful job with my landscaping, sodding the yard, tree trimming, plumbing, putting in our sewer link and dryer vent. The rock work is beautiful. I appreciate all of you so much.”
— Lucille Shelly

Landscaping Services

What is Design/Build?

What is Design/Build?  Traditionally, you would have a landscape architect sit down with you to design your environment.  This is the dream phase, putting in everything you want.  At that point, the plans would be handed off to the installation company.  They would build your landscape according to the specifications in the plans.

We are a complete design and build company that will be involved in the entire process.  Giving you the peace of mind in dealing with the same people throughout your entire landscaping project.  We have the ability to rework things in the middle of the installation without much trouble, where as with the old model, you would have to taken the plans back to the landscape architect to redo and then back to the installation company.  We are involved all the way, collaborating with you to create and install the landscape of you and your family’s dream.


The easy part of landscaping is the flurry of activity that happens in the beginning with the design and implementation of the vision that you have created.  The challenge comes once the workers have gone home and the experts move on to other projects.

This is where our continuing maintenance program comes in.  We continue to maintain your landscape, keeping it as fresh and new as the day it was planted.  Tree trimming, mowing, aerating, and fertilizing are all parts of keeping your dream landscape neat and well kept.  With the investment you have made getting your landscape to this point, maintenance is a key part in the total equation.  Keeping your trees healthy with proper and timely pruning and keeping your lawn looking great with aerating and fertilization when needed is key in keeping your investment looking attractive and beautiful all year long.



When you arrive at home, what is it that you want to see?  Do you want to be invited from your drive to the front door?  Is the backyard a place that one could relax for hours under the summer stars?  Is your home a reflection of you and your style?

These are all questions to ask yourself when thinking about what kind of landscape you want around your home.  We have made a name for ourselves in taking your dream and turning it into reality.  If that dream needs to happen one step at a time or all at once, we are totally equipped to make it a dream come true.

Whether you are in need of hardscaping, landscaping, irrigation, or wish to create the patio that you have always wanted, we can come along side you and your dreams and help see your current environment change.  Our team, headed by Drew and Lynn Perraut, has a sense of urgency and commitment when starting a project with a willingness to see it out to completion.

Equine/Farm Restoration

When it comes to farm management, no matter what it is you raise, managing the farm should be your number one goal.  Managing how our farm looks is often a drain on your time and resources.  Resources you could be using to manage your farm.  We take pride in offering services to farms of all sizes that can lessen the burden of landscape management.  From mowing and maintenance, to entrance design and irrigation, we are equipped to handle all your needs in making your farm look as well as it operates.


“Landworks is a first-class company with a professional staff that stems from quality leadership. Their services are fast, efficient and of the highest quality. Dependability, punctuality, and courtesy when dealing with clients is a must and Landworks epitomizes these qualities.”
— Adam Bowden, Diamond Creek Farm


Below are just a few services we offer to clients.  We are a full service design/build firm and can handle just about any challenge that comes into play.  

-  Design

-  Arbors

- Stone Work

- Lighting

-  Farm and Commercial Maintenance and Mowing

- Comprehensive Planning

- Irrigation

- Landscaping

- Sod and Seed

- Grading

-  Patios

-  Retaining Walls

-  Concrete Work

- Water Features

- Drainage