Return Policy and Plant Warranty

Please retain your receipt and your actual product to ensure a speedy return.

All clearance sales are final. Sorry, no adjustments.

The Farm allows a 30 day return or exchange with receipt on regularly priced hard good items.

There are no adjustments on sale prices.

For items returned that were paid for by check, there is a ten day waiting period, however an "in-store credit" for the amount of the refund is available.

For any return over $250.00 that was paid for by check or cash, a check will be mailed out or an "in-store credit" will be given. 

We hope you find your shopping experience at The Farm at Landworks enjoyable!
If you have any questions please see Customer Service Staff for assistance.


The Farms  Plant Warranty
To honor The Farms Guaranteed To Grow Policy, we require the "proof of purchase"*. Proof of purchase includes a register receipt* and the plant material. 

Trees: One year from date of purchase
Shrubs: One year from date of purchase - Remember that some shrubs are slower to break dormancy in the spring.
Vines: Hardy vines located on the nursery lot are warranted for one year from date of purchase.
Roses: Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Miniature, English, and Romantica are warranted through the first frost of the current growing season when the plant was purchases. Not warranted over winter (noted on receipt).
Shrub roses: One year warranty from date of purchase.

Perennials: One year warranty from date of purchase - Remember that some perennials are slower to break dormancy in the spring.
Annuals: Satisfaction is guaranteed under normal conditions.
Unplanted Plant Material Returns
Can be returned or exchanged within one week of purchase. A receipt is needed along with the plant in the same condition that it was when purchases.

Our Warranty

Trees & Shrubs purchased at Wilson’s & self-installed following proper planting guidelines and watered and cared for properly are guaranteed for 1-year from the date of purchase. As an added benefit for having your landscape planted by our experienced, professional landscape crews, we offer an extended 2-year warranty effective from the installation date.

Roses, Perennials, Ornamental Grasses, Fruit Trees, Brambles & Berries are guaranteed to the end of the year in which they were purchased.

SHARED WARRANTY PLANTS: Certain plants require special soil preparation, site selection, may be marginally hardy to zone 6, & have specific care needs which are the responsibility of the customer & over which Wilson’s has no control. We offer a “shared warranty” on these plants to help you along in your gardening endeavors, while recognizing that some plants are difficult by nature or not well suited to this environment. These plants include: Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Daphne, Dogwoods, Pieris, Japanese Maples, Ilex crenata (Steed, Sky Pencil, Hoogendorn, Helleri, Soft Touch, etc. Hollies), Crape Myrtle & Laurels. These plants will carry a 50% shared warranty whereby we replace these items one time at 50% off their regular price.

SALE ITEMS: Items that are discounted by 30% to 40%  will carry a limited 30-day guarantee unless noted otherwise, 50% or more is considered clearance and carries no guarantee.

NOT GUARANTEED: Annuals, tropical plants, vegetables, water plants & plants or items purchased on clearance.

We do not warranty plants kept in above ground containers.

All warranties are effective as long as the plants have been properly planted & maintained. We assume no responsibility for damage by pests, lawn mowers, weed eaters, chemicals, inadequate drainage, soil conditions or neglect. Acts of nature including drought, ice, snow & excessive wind exempt the warranty. Please be considerate … we are guaranteeing a living thing whose planting & care in the short and long term is your responsibility.

Informing, Troubleshooting & Diagnosis Services: As a service to our customers, we want to help you prevent problems first, & when necessary, to identify & diagnose issues. Examine plants regularly & note changes (i.e. discoloration, spots, or loss of leaves, visible pests). Contact us immediately with questions & concerns so that we can help you to help your plant.

Any plant which has failed to survive should be returned within 30 days of death. Any period of time beyond this makes it difficult or impossible for us to assess the cause of your plant's failure & does not allow us to avoid the problem from reoccurring.

We MUST have a receipt, & you must return the plant to receive credit.

This is a purchase value credit & a one-time replacement credit only. Plants will be replaced with the same size or value of original installed materials.


Please do not dig up & return plant material until we are sure it is dead. Certain plants may take longer to emerge in spring or recover from trauma.  We do not replace plants that are still living.